Thursday, June 22, 2017

The End of the Journey -- Potsdam to Berlin -- Thursday, June 22, 2017

413.4 miles of pedaling from Copenhagen to Berlin and we made it without getting rained on once! I consider this amazing, since the long range weather forecasts before I left called for rain, wind and cold for a good part of the tour. We did get our wind, it was cool for a couple of days, but we did not get rained on (although Philipp, who was marking the route and riding ahead of us did get rained on one day.) As we were having a celebratory drink in Berlin, the thunderstorm started.
The celebratory drink

Joan, Philipp, Ronnie and Annibal, our excellent guides

All 18 of us celebrate our arrival in Berlin
Today' ride was short but very interesting. We left Potsdam and after getting out of the city, had a nice stretch on the road through the forest, with some long but easy grades to climb. As we approached Berlin, we stopped at the 1936 Olympic Village. On most days there is free entry to the stadium, but today they were setting up for a concert, so we had to take our pictures from outside.
At the Olympic Stadium

The closest that I will ever be to the Olympics
After leaving the Olympic Stadium, we had some slow going along a very busy street. We had our own bike lane on the sidewalk, but had to deal with cross traffic and other cyclists. We then had some easier riding through some parks (unexpectedly coming across some nude sunbathers) and then had a majestic entrance into the center of the City. We passed the famous Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (Parliament) before coming to our hotel. For most of the day I was riding with Loreen and Colin, great riding partners.

Colin, Loreen and Lynn
Diane and Warwick

Nancy and Charlie

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