Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Morning update -- Tuesday June 13, 2017

Today is multimodal transportation day. We walked from our hotel to the train station and boarded the train (where I am now). In a few minutes the train will get on the ferry and we will leave the train for the 45 minute crossing. Five minutes before arriving in Germany we will get back on the train.

I am now on the ferry which is like a small city with multiple snack shops, coffee shops (including Starbucks), shopping and slot machines. The photo is of a much smaller ferry going the other way. (Surprisingly, it does not have WiFi, although the train has excellent WiFi.)

We are now passing a huge wind farm -- lots of turbines generating electricity.

We will have about 45 minutes more on the train and will then get on the bikes for about 25 miles.

Last night's hotel was not as fancy as many that we stay in but quite comfortable. The plumbing was unique, however. A single pair of faucets for both the shower and the sink.

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  1. Guy...Glad to hear you made it to Copenhagen Denmark safely! Wow...it looks like you are having an amazing trip so far. Cheers, Bruce