Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Oldenburg to Eutin, Germany -- Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We got off the train in Oldenburg, having crossed from Denmark to Germany. The van was waiting with our bikes, and we set off on the 25 mile ride to Eutin. We did have wind, but not as fierce as yesterday, and the ride was extremely pleasant, with rolling hills through farm country and small villages. The roads and bike paths were excellently maintained and I arrived at our hotel for the evening by around 1:30.

The hotel is a small family operation and the proprietors are extremely friendly. Before I even changed from my bike clothes, I had a light "lunch" consisting of a cross between a cream puff and strawberry shortcake, with a cup of coffee, served in the garden. It was homemade and absolutely delicious.

After settling in, I strolled around the town square and took a few pictures. We had our evening briefing to discuss tomorrow's options, since we will be in this hotel for two nights. We have the option of (1) a forty mile loop ride with some climbing, (2) a shorter loop ride without the hills, (3) either of the above with a two hour boat ride through five interconnected lakes, (4) a very short bike ride to the boat trip, or (5) take the day off. I am leaning toward the long bike ride, but the weather and the wind will be the determining factors.

After Monday's dinner

Andy is ready for the day's travels 

At the train station 

Windmill in Eutin (beer garden at night)

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