Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tangermunde to Brandenburg -- Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I will start with a few photos from yesterday that did not make it to the blog. The first is the houseboat where I ate lunch in Fitzhacker, and the rest are in Tangenmunde -- the castle where we stayed, and the Rathaus

Evening briefing

Lynn and Tom        

Today we had an easy 42 mile flat ride through fields, forests and small towns. The first stop was at the Romanesque Jerichow "monastery." After a quick photo, we kept on pedaling.

We encountered varied road conditions today -- the cobblestones (which I have come to hate), some excellent paved roads, some not-so-excellent paved roads, nice forest paths, and, a first, several miles of tank tracks. These consist of two parallel ribbons of concrete and were built for tanks to travel on.

Practically all of us stopped at a lakeside cafe for a leisurely lunch about seven miles from the end of our ride. It was a pleasant interlude because the temperature was about 80 degrees.

The final part of our trip into Brandenburg required crossing the Havel River on a small ferry. We are staying at an excellent hotel, and will have a guided tour of the town before dinner tonight.

Only two days of cycling left:

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