Thursday, April 30, 2015

With less than three weeks before my departure for Spain and my annual bicycling trip, it is time to make sure that my blog is still functional and that I will be able to post updates. So, this post is basically a test. Starting around May 21st, I will attempt to make daily posts chronicling my adventures in the Catalonia region. I will leave home on the afternoon of May 18th and spend the night just outside the San Jose airport. In the morning of the 19th, I fly to Dallas, then Paris and finally Barcelona. From the airport I then have to take a train to the center of Barcelona and another train to Girona, our starting point. I will arrive there in the afternoon of the 20th, ready to start the tour the next day.

I am excited that three of my fellow cyclists and one of the guides are people that I have toured with before. So, I will have the opportunity to reunite with some old friends to and to make new ones. Over the course of our 12 days together, we will cycle 260-300 miles. (I feel more than ready with over 2200 miles under my belt so far this year, including a hilly 65 mile ride last Sunday).

Hasta pronto.