Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Brandenburg to Potsdam -- Wednesday, June 21, 2017

After a leisurely breakfast, we started our day's cycling which closely followed the Havel river. The weather was perfect -- not quite as warm as yesterday, but plenty of sun and not too much wind. We passed each of the two suggested coffee stops before they opened, and there was not much else along the way to see or do until we came to the town of Werder. Here we crossed a bridge to an island in the Havel where we had an out door self-service lunch. You went to one small building to order food, and a different one to order beverages. There were several tables for enjoying our selections.

sAfter lunch we approached Potsdam, through the Park of Sansouci, with several magnificent palaces, gardens and royal outbuildings from Frederick the Great, including his summer palace, the new palace, the Chinese House and others. although we stopped for a few pictures, we did not go in any of the buildings or explore them in detail. The park is not far from the hotel and some members of the group headed back there after changing from bike clothes.

I opted to explore additional areas of Potsdam, including the main shopping street, the Nauener Tor (see the picture), and NikolaiKirche (St. Nicholas Church).

At Park of Sanssouci

Chinese House in Park of Sanssouci

Nauener Tor

Nikolai Kirche

Our Hotel, the Hotel Brandenburger Tor
Tomorrow will be our last day of cycling. We will have a short, easy ride into Berlin. We will have a guided tour on Friday morning, and I will meet up with my son, Douglas, for the afternoon and evening.

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