Saturday, January 9, 2010

St Arnaud to Murchison

Wonderful ride today with somewhat less wind and almost all downhill. About 51 miles including an optional 13 mile (round trip) side excursion to Lake Rotorua which was absolutely beautiful AND EMPTY! There was not a boat on it. Then a women's rowing club showed up with several shells and took to the water.

I have noticed that there is almost no litter at all along the sides of the roads. They don't even have trash cans at roadside picnic tables. Everybody packs their trash and takes it with them.

Yesterday we did a group picnic on the ride. Today we packed picnic lunches and ate at times and places of our choosing. Murchison is a tiny town so I don't know what Dinner plans are.

I was walking through the town wearing my "tour of Napa Valley" t-shirt. A kiwi (that's a native) asked where Napa was. After I told him, his next question was whether I rode my Harley. I had to explain that this tour is for "push bikes."

Murchison doesn't have much to photograph, so here is a
BlackBerry photo of one of our support vans. #END
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