Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fox Glacier tgo Lake Moeraki

Another beautiful day. We got a late start because the cafe was understaffed and breakfast took quite a while. But since it was an easy ride of 50 miles, mostly downhill, it didn't matter. The scenery was beautiful, as we passed through rain forest, swamp, and rugged green hills. Lots of good photo opportunities. The photo today is of Marion and Alice, two members of the group, with whom I rode for part of the morning.

I was surprised to see lots of possum road kill. Until today I have only seen one or two. Possum products are a big industry here. They make socks, gloves and other knitted items out of a mixture of possum fur and merino wool. They also make possum pies which I have not tried, and probably will not try.

Several of us stopped at a small salmon farm en route. Not a lot to see, but in addition to the salmon in the pens, they had lots of large rainbow trout that were visible in the water surrounding the pens and in the streams nearby.

The lodge where we are staying tonight is very, very nice and quite far from anything else. They have several guided nature activities, including a star watch program tonight where we can see the stars of the souther hemisphere. The only problem is that it starts at 10:30 which is pretty late after cycling a good part of the day.

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