Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 10 -- Korcula to Metkovic (Vid)

Today was another multi-modal day, transportation-wise. We started by cycling downhill from the hotel to our private ferry.  Just us and the bicycles. This took us about six minutes, so we were definitely ready for the break provided by the short crossing over the Peljesac Strait to the peninsula. We had to cycle across the peninsula, which involved our now routine 400 meter climb from the sea to the ridge top and then down the other side. 

Statue in the Trapanj Harbor
This brought us to Trpanj, a pleasant small village where we took advantage of the various shops to buy some lunch supplies and to sip coffee in a cafe with free WiFi. (Free WiFi is very prevalent here in Croatia -- just about every cafe has it.) These cafes often have better signal strength than we have been getting in our hotels.

We then boarded a very large, and not very crowded, ferry for the final crossing to the mainland. From the industrial port of Ploce, we had another 16 miles or so of cycling on flat roads along the Neretva river to the village of Vid in the town of Metkovic. It had been suggested that we might want to stop along the way at one of the roadside restaurants specializing in from "brodetto" (soup). As far as I know, no one did. Not to worry, however, since the word is that frog is on the menu tonight. Also on the agenda is a short boat ride on the river. 
Approaching Vid
A highlight of the town of Vid, where we are staying, is the archaeological museum directly across the street from our hotel. Vid is built on and next to the ruins of Narona, a Roman trading post which prospered until about the 3rd century AD. A museum has been built upon the site where they discovered the most Roman statues that have been found outside Rome itself. 
Ancient Roman Statue

After arriving in Vid, I discovered that my camera has been inadvertently set to "fisheye" mode most of the day. This has resulted in some useless photos, and a few that are unexpectedly interesting.
Our Hotel in Vid

Tomorrow is the last day of cycling. I then have one day in Dubrovnik before I head for Berllin. This would be routine, except that Croatia Air has been on strike for about a week. Ever the optimist, I will worry about that when I get to Dubrovnik.

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