Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I will start with a picture of the restaurant where we wanted to dine last night, El Rococo. It was designed by Dali and had an interesting Middle Eastern Menu. Unfortunately, it was closed. Sybil and I are in the back row; Montse and Joan in the front row.We ended up eating at Es Seco instead, which was a very pleasant choice.
Wishing that El Rococo would open

Today was a multi-modal day. We biked/walked the half-mile or so from the hotel to the harbor where we loaded out bikes, and then ourselves, on a small boat and took an hour and a half cruise to the port city of Roses. It was a very attractive small city, with a very active and immaculately clean fishing pier with markets selling the fresh seafood. After a leisurely coffee, we boarded our bikes and rode the 20 miles to the city of Figueres our destination for this evening. As promised, we still had some head winds and tail winds (the "tramuntana" -- I have finally learned the name) for the first part of the ride, but we had a nice tail wind for the second half. 
Loading the bikes

Approaching the Port of Roses

Guy and Natalie
 Upon arrival in Figueres, I joined Gary, Sybil and Amy for a delightful lunch in the Plaza which was directly across the street from our hotel, the Duran.  It is a very nice hotel with a truly elegant dining room -- we will be eating somewhere else this evening for our farewell dinner for Gary, Sybil and Amy who are heading for Majorca for another bike tour. The remaining seven of us will continue our journey to Barcelona.
My new found friend in Figueres

Dali self-portrait


This afternoon we had an English language guided tour of the Dali museum, the second most visited museum in Spain (the Prado in Madrid is first.) We only had an hour and a half -- I think I could easily spend several days or a week there. It was truly a highlight of this trip. 

Dinner beckons, so I will close for today. Another great day in Spain. Hasta manana

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