Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday, May 31 2015 -- The Tour Ends

Lee and I in our new cycling kits

Today was our final day of cycling as we had a very easy, mostly downhill, ride into Barcelona. The last 12 miles or so were particularly interesting. For about six miles, we followed the river on a thriving multi-use path, with marked bike lanes and a wide lane for walkers, runners, rollerbladers, skateboarders and various other recreational users. The path took us right to the beach where we regrouped, and for the last six miles we rode as a group, along Barcelona's beautiful beaches, then on the city streets, up the famous Ramblas and then the final two blocks to the hotel. Because of the congestion, we just took it slow and easy.

We were checked into the hotel and had the afternoon to ourselves, before we get together tonight for our farewell dinner in one of the classic restaurants of Barcelona. Unfortunately, my cold is getting worse instead of better (although the cough medicine is helping), so I took a nap before heading out for a stroll. Barcelona is a fabulous city to visit, and I am glad that I have been here before when I felt better and had more time to see the sights.  I will have some time in the morning before I have to head for the airport for a 3:15 pm flight to Paris, where I will spend the night at an airport hotel.

Los Gigantes -- along the way to Barcelona
A very successful tour. Lots of wind, but no rain, for which I am thankful. According to my Garmin cycling computer, we rode 323.6 miles and climbed 22,654 feet. And yet, I still gained weight according to the scale at the spa last evening. Probably the wet bathing suit!!

I have just received some additional photos from Gabrielle and Eric which follow:
Guy, Eric, Gabrielle and Lee

We have arrived in Barcelona

At he meeting point before the last few miles to Barcelona

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  1. Guy...Glad to hear you had a great trip!