Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday -- riding to Villa la Angostura

We had an absolutely beautiful day for our first full day of cycling. The bike felt great and the roads had a good smooth riding surface. There were no shoulders, but traffic was fairly light, and the drivers were quite courteous. We were basically riding along the same two lane highway by Lake Nahuel Huapi through the National Park of the same name.

We left Bariloche in the van to avoid the city traffic, and then took to the bikes. We rode about 43 miles along gently rolling terrain. The grade was generally less than five per cent when we were ascending and only once did I see seven percent.

We had a picnic lunch at a beach on the lake. They really did it up nicely, with salads, three kinds of empanadas, fruit, and even coffee or cappuccino afterwards.

I understand that we have a few others blogging on this trip. When I get the links, I will post them.

The lodge we are staying at is very pleasant, and I am looking forward to a stroll in the town after finishing this post.

I almost forgot to mention last night's dinner -- it has to have been the highlight of the trip so far. We went to one of the more famous "parrillas" for the authentic Argentine beef. They grill huge quantities of been (as well as lamb, chicken and sausaage) on a large grill in the center of the restaurant. We all ordered "half portions" which were Huge and did a little sharing. I ordered the beef cooked "a punto" (medium rare) and it was delicious and tender.

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