Tuesday, April 9, 2013

APRIL 2013 -- This year I will be cycling in Croatia, along the Dalmatian Coast. I leave on May 10, and start cycling on May 12th. I will endeavor to post updates and photos whenever I have internet access. More to come ....


  1. Guy, this weekend I was shuffling through some old personal papers and found a TC Herald newspaper clipping of you and Marcel Lowe from Kadlec. Perhaps in a moment of idle mischief, you'd even autographed it for me.

    When I saw Alan Rither today, I took it as a sign to look up your blog and see where you are biking these days.

    Looks like you are about to embark on another fun adventure in Croatia.

    Good to see that some people really know how to retire.

    Godspeed, Guy!

    Kristi Wenrich

    1. Kristi: Great to hear from you. If you are still following this, you can see that I am off to the start of a great trip in Croatia. Hope that all is well with you.

  2. Hello Guy,Just want you to know that I'm following you on your wonderful trip.